6 Online Strategies You Should Be Doing to Dominate the Search Engines


In this generation, online visibility is vital. To do this, make sure that the online presence of your company is properly optimised for local SEO so that you can easily dominate the search engine results. The searchable you are, the more traffic your site will get. The more traffic, the more leads, and clients.


In addition to the services provided by your hired SEO company, this article offers some local SEO tips that you can use to be successful in the traditional and online way of doing business.


1. Create a mobile friendly website.

Search engines give high importance to sites that pass their mobile-friendly analysation since it can offer a better overall good user-friendly experience. Today, the number of completed searches are done using the mobile gadgets. Therefore, if your business is not mobile friendly, your chances of beating your competitors in ranking are slim.


Check your site to verify if it is updated and can also be viewed at its best using mobile gadgets.


2. Check how fast your site is loading.

Search engine prefers sites that can load fast. Slow loading pages upset a lot of online users and, in the long run, can cause huge loss to the sales of the company.


3. Are your website listed in the local business directories?

Companies with websites that are listed in the number of local business directories are much preferred by the search engines for the following main reasons: search engines look at referral traffic and it is possible with the use of directories and it appears that firms that have taken time to list themselves will likely be in business for a long time.


4. Do you have social media accounts?

Have you registered your company on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other related platforms? For search engines, companies that do have these accounts are more brand aware than others. As previously mentioned, it like referrals and these social platforms can send traffic to your site. In addition, when you have social media accounts, information about your business can be easily shared to your possible market, new clients and loyal customers.


5. Do you know the rank of your competitors online?

Knowing what your competitors are doing is a great advantage for your company in many ways. When you are aware where they are spending their money and what their target keywords are, studying them will be much easier. There are tools online that can provide you with the said information. Having this kind of insights will help you see the particular search terms they are sending their clients. SEO agency uses this tool too. Through this tool, you can see how their efforts are turning into profit.


6. Do you know how to properly optimised your website?

Identify the keywords you’d like to appear in search engines. To check, you can simply search using those keywords and see the top ten positions provided. If you’re using Google’s search engine, the blue text on the top of the listing is the “Title Tag.” Count the number of sites that use the keyword you just searched in the title tag. The title tag is an important factor that search engines consider when ranking a site so give importance to it as well.


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