Predicted SEO Trends To Follow In 2018


The world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is continuously evolving. What works for this year may not work in the coming year. This is why most SEO agencies in Singapore are currently on the lookout for the upcoming trends in SEO to stay on top of the game.


Most of the time, Singapore-based SEO agencies have consulted trend predictions to know which SEO practices will work for the upcoming year. This will make sure that they can keep up with the dynamic changes in the SEO industry.


According to reports, SEO will see the rise of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in 2018 after Google resolved the issues that affect the mobile user experience. Definitions claimed that the AMP can be viewed as a ranking factor that can also pose a large impact on the organic visibility of the website.


Based on the definition, AMP can be described as a “framework developed to facilitate web pages load faster on mobile devices. AMP is also considered as a ranking factor and has a big impact on website’s organic visibility.” To make it work, AMP will depend on HTML files that have the capacity to load four times compared to the usual web pages.


Proper content usage will still be on top of the SEO trends for 2018. Reports claimed that a valuable content relies on the related keyword that is spread out properly. To make sure that the keyword will be relevant, SEO agencies can use several tools like the Google Ad Keyword Planner that provides a lot of information related to the right keyword ideas taken from different phrases, categories, as well as search volume trends for specific keywords.


Catering to the user experience in SEO will be another major practice for the industry in the coming year. This includes complete browsing experience, lesser load time, as well as a mobile optimization that can help the website become user-friendly.


Also, creating quality contents will still be a major practice in the SEO industry in 2018. This has been one of the most constant rules in a search engine. However, the report revealed that the rules in creating quality contents changed over time. “In 2018, keyword stuffing becomes totally outdated and required related keywords in the content. They are mainly focused on the information, but not shared too much of length content on it. Pay attention provides only relevant information to the leveraged content from the success of SEO,” the report revealed.


Video content sharing practice in SEO is also starting to pick up, and it is expected to intensify in 2018. In this practice, a video that can be shared on various social media platforms can be uploaded to a website to invite links and help in the marketing plan. However, SEO agencies must make it a point to share videos with quality content to encourage the audience to share it.


SEO companies must also remind themselves of the Penguin 4.0 update that was introduced in 2016 to avoid creating unnatural links. Those who will violate the rules of this algorithm update could cause the site to be penalized that could affect their SEO ranking. “In doing SEO for 2018, you should make sure that you have a good gauge of the link that you want to throw to your site,” another website suggested.


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