5 Essentials Every Marketer Should Know About SEO Strategies of Google


Are you assigned to do the SEO and help rank the website of your company on Google with the goal of having higher sales and revenues?


One of the most effective ways to do this is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Research shows that ranking top in Google can give your site around 30 percent click-through rate. And if your website is placed on its first page, the site can get around 91.5% clicks. Given this statistic, it implies that having your site ranked on Google has a lot of benefits.


Through the years, SEO has changed in many ways. And as the end result remains the same — to have your site rank higher on Google and other search engines, the method involved has become more complex.


Before, SEO specialist would just need to map out some keywords, three to five, for every URL then optimize the elements of the web page. Now, these experts need to created and do more on an ongoing basis. For example, in order to do the right job and maintain it there, they need to create, optimize, and promote the content.


In relation to the above-discussed topic, here presented are the five essential techniques that every marketer should know about SEO to achieve and maintain the good ranking, even for the future.


1. Website optimisation

Website optimization is one way to help your site appeal to the users and the search engines. Some of the things that you need to consider or ask yourself to optimize your site are the following: is it mobile friendly; does it show any error message; do you create useful high-quality content?


If you are doing the website optimization yourself and not with an expert, the chances of it being fully optimized for search engines like Google are slim.


2. Content creation on a regular basis

Most search engines are designed to prefer websites with quality and fresh content. Algorithms are even created to measure such contents. It can check anything new in a website. If there’s a regular content in your page, Google will give it a boost in the SERP for some days or weeks.


However, this technique can be very challenging because you need to come up with regular content that is unique, useful, relevant, new, high quality, and eye-catching.


3. Link building

Another effective SEO strategy that’s been around for quite a long time is link building. It involves building backlinks from other websites to strengthen the position of a company’s website on Google rankings. Links were used by the search engines to discover new pages and the sites’ reputation to yours to identify where your site should rank. This is where Google’s page rank algorithm is mostly based.


4. Website localisation

Some of the SEO agency experts believe that Google prefers local businesses in their Search Engine Result Pages or SERPs. For this reason, it’s better to let Google know not just about your product or services but your location as well because it can help improve your ranking status with them.


5. Leveraging on authority sites and social media influencers

Over the past years, marketers have been showing interest in influence marketing to increase awareness for their brand which will most probably result in more sales. Today, consumers don’t just read labels or the provided information of certain brands. The social media channels and the search engines are now the first stop of most clients to not just get product related data but to check out friends and third parties that greatly influence their decision making. Therefore, authorities and influencers are vital in every marketing campaign of this generation.




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