Information You Should Find in SEO Reports from Your Agency

If you are hiring an SEO company to help you optimize your website, then you should expect to be provided regular reports. These reports will give you an insight how the project is progressing and whether your investment has been doing great so far.


Understand, though, that even the best SEO agency won’t be able to deliver results overnight. Improving rankings takes time, especially if there are complex issues that need to be dealt with in your website.


Right from when you are interviewing SEO companies in Singapore, ask about timeline they need to work on certain tasks but don’t get too fixated on fast results. More than achieving positive developments, you’ll want long-lasting benefits. While it can take longer to have your content published on a reputable website, for instance, once you succeed, you’ll be able to gain online exposure for a long period. Your content will stay for as long as the site owner allows.


On this post, we’ll talk about components that you should see in SEO reports your agency is handing you. Let’s get started.


This part you and your SEO agency should have already discussed and agreed upon beforehand. Hence, every SEO report should contain this. This will also help you see how current results are working toward your business goals. This is also a reminder for the team to always focus on what matters to you, as their client. As you form goals with your SEO agency, be realistic. Every individual or business wants to rank high in search engines. However, this cannot be achieved in an instant. Listen to search professionals, too, as they help you craft time-bound, achievable, and realistic SEO goals. On the other hand, be honest to where your website is standing at the moment. The more information you share with your SEO team, the better they’ll understand your needs, and the better they’ll be able to help you too.


Traffic growth
Since the main goal is to increase site traffic, it’s only fitting to have this included in the report. It’s not enough that you’re seeing progress with your website traffic. You need to check as well where the traffic is coming from. If your business is focused in Singapore, for instance, then you should see a significant percentage coming from local site visitors. If otherwise happens, then your SEO team will have to conduct retargeting. Local SEO is crucial to ensure that efforts are targeted to your prospective clients.


Keyword rankings
Your SEO campaign will be revolving around your keyword research plan. You need to see for yourself then how your keyword rankings are improving. You’ll see which brings more traffic, which ones are lagging, and which ones need more focus. This way, you’ll also see if you’re ranking for the right keywords and which keywords you can further explore on. Improving keyword rankings will take time but with the right approach, you’ll see results over time.


If there is anything that you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask the SEO agency. You and your SEO team should both learn from each other through the course of the project. Always remember that teamwork is essential to the success of any SEO campaign.


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