Common Strategies To Avoid By SEO Agencies


seo strategy boardThe industry of search engine optimization (SEO) is starting to grow in strength over the years. This encourages a lot of SEO agencies to expand their business to cater to more clients.


In Singapore, a lot of business is depending on SEO to attract consumers to their products and services. Most of the time, an SEO company in Singapore will present a good strategy to get more clients to hire them. But since clients barely have an idea about the proper SEO strategies, it would help if they know what they should avoid making sure that they are getting the most from what they have paid for from an SEO company Singapore has to offer.


One of the first things that clients must look into in an ideal SEO strategy is how the SEO expert focuses on creating relevant content. Despite the never-ending changes that Google implements to keep up with times, a website that is peppered with relevant contents still makes it to the top of the search engine ranking page. This means that clients must always demand unique, detailed content that centres on the topics that their target audience would love to find on their website.


Another common mistake that some SEO agencies tend to make is choosing the wrong keywords in their contents. This will make it hard for potential website users to look for the information that they need to see in search engines. There are times when the terms that some SEO experts considered as appropriate could have a different meaning to someone else. That is why they had to use SEO tools like the Google AdWords Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and the like to check if the keywords that they are using are correct.


Aside from using the wrong keyword, it is also incorrect to practice keyword stuffing or overusing a set of keywords in SEO since most search engines like Google could tag the content as spammy. This will definitely hurt the site’s SEO performance since it will be penalized by the search engine. Thus, it could be removed from the top of the ranking page.


Neglecting to take advantage of the using fresh contents is also a major mistake in executing an SEO strategy. Even if the website already reached the top of the ranking page, it should still publish new contents to make the search engine recognize that the website is still active at the moment.


In addition, businesses should avoid hiring SEO companies that practice Black Hat strategies in trying to make their website rank. By definition, Black Hat SEO uses all the inappropriate tactics like keyword stuffing, links purchased, link farming or link exchanges, blog comment spamming, and hidden text and links. While these techniques can provide momentarily increase in search engine ranking, they can also lead to potential penalty or banning since it is known for cheating the system. That is why it is more advisable to use White Hat strategies to make sure that the site will remain on top of the SERP.


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