SMBs and SEO: Helping Small and Medium Businesses Pick the Best SEO Company in Singapore

Most people nowadays rely on search engines like Google to look for a service provider or a store that sells something that they need for an immediate future. It has become one of their major sources of information for neighbourhood business establishments. This is why most companies, particularly the small and medium businesses, are relying on SEO agencies to make sure that their brands are on top of the search engine rankings.


In Singapore, a lot of SMBs rely on their online reputation to keep their business afloat. That is why most of these establishments contact an SEO company in Singapore to discuss what they have to do to be able to be on top of the search engine result pages (SERPs) all the time. But not all SEO companies in Singapore are created equal, which is why it is very important for SMBs to find the right one that could provide them the right kind of search engine optimization package that will work for their advantage.


In a report, the research manager of a business-to-business research firm Clutch named Tim Clarke offered some tips on finding the best SEO company for SMBs. These tips could help the companies determine if their SEO providers are doing the right job.


“Companies should beware of over-the-top promises that only require a few hundred dollars of investment per month. SEO campaigns typically need three to six months to produce tangible results for all industries, and competitive markets may require even more time,” Clarke shared. He also mentioned what SMBs should try to stay away from when being presented with an SEO strategy proposal. “Avoid packages or arrangements that sell a set amount of keywords. Many SEO firms will focus on keyword growth even if it doesn’t lead to client sales or revenue,” he added.


Since SMBs have lesser budget allocation for their SEO campaign compared to bigger establishments, they should always look for the right search engine optimization approach that is tailor-fit for the kind of business that they are operating. It should not be patterned after someone else’s business.


“Every SMB should create a custom online marketing plan. One-size-fits-all never works. Firms that haven’t engaged in much marketing of their website often start with a paid search through Google AdWords or other search engines,” Clarke also shared. “Generally, these companies are willing to buy traffic to their website in the early stages of organic SEO. As organic returns begin to show over time, they will reduce PPC [pay-per-click] advertising and direct mostly or all on organic SEO.”


Other tips that Singaporean SMBs can use when looking for the best SEO company that they can hire to boost their online reputation is its capacity to use keywords effectively, their expertise in optimizing all the features of the website such as the URL and other landing pages, and the effective and clever ways of using backlinks and internal links to boost the website’s page rank in SERPs.


With all these tips in mind, any small or medium businesses in Singapore could have a chance of converting their online reputation to actual business traffic that they can use to boost their sales.


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