Founded in 2006, SEO Agency SG is a professional SEO agency based in Singapore, with a team of 30 people. We started off as an agency providing only SEO services and subsequently expanded to include SEM management as part of our suite of search marketing service.

As an agency, we believe in full transparency when managing your campaigns. This is because we have seen so many unorthodox practices in this industry and we feel that it is our responsibility to let you know what to expect from a SEO and SEM agency if you engage one.

Some of the bad practices in the
industries are as followed


Overpromising results. SEO agencies that guarantee traffic and ranking for certain keywords are not real search engine experts. With stiff competition and ranking fluctuations, it is impractical to promise quick ranking.


Do not allow access to your SEM account during management (Google Adwords) and only provide reports to show you how much you have spent. We have heard of numerous incidents where the numbers in the reports are fabricated and agencies pocketed the media budget.


Do not allow transfer of SEM account ownership. Agencies create the SEM account and lock the clients with non-transfer of account ownership. We believe the account is your asset and you should keep it if one day we part ways. That’s why we create the account and give you the login credentials right from the start.


Full transparency and access to your campaigns. Have a peace of mind and let us manage your SEO and SEM campaigns fully.

Customer Service

We have a local servicing team to manage your campaign. It’s easy to set up face-to-face meetings or phone calls to get a better understanding of your campaign’s performance.


With more than 13 years in the industry, SEO Agency SG is the leading SEM and SEO company in Singapore. Entrust your campaigns with us today.


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